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Root Canal Treatments

Patient ready for root canal treatment

This treatment is an option when pain in a tooth becomes severe and continuous or an abscess has developed. The nerve tissue inside the tooth is removed and replaced with a special rubber filling material. It usually takes 2 or 3 appointments to complete and is therefore a more expensive option than the alternative extraction.

A tooth may develop pain if it has a large cavity (hole) or existing filling in it, it is broken or has been traumatised (ACC accident related or otherwise), or it has developed a fracture. If any of these things are left untreated the tooth may become sensitive to hot and cold, it may be sore to pressure when eating, or it may spontaneously throb, ache, pulse and sting.

An abscess can sometimes remain within the jaw bone under the gum, or it can show as a swelling of the gum near the affected tooth. Again, if left untreated, there is risk of significant facial swelling and this will require emergency treatment – it is important to tell the receptionist if you have any of these symptoms as they will need to arrange for you to be seen immediately.


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