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Great Family Dental Care For More Than 50 Years!

Hillcrest & Tamahere Dental Centres are two of Hamilton’s leading dental practices.
We are Hamilton dentists who care about your oral health as much as you do (maybe even more!)

At Hillcrest & Tamahere Dental Centre, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality dental care.  With two clinics - one in Hillcrest and one in Tamahere - our Hamilton dentists have built a reputation based on patient-centered care over the past 50 years. We enjoy looking after patients from all different walks of life.

Dental education is a very important aspect of the care we provide as we know that effort put into prevention now can save you time and money in the future. We offer a wide range of dental services including teeth cleaning and whitening, fillings, root canals, removals and gum treatment. 

If you need a Hamilton dentist, get in touch today. We offer online booking for most appointments, or you can call us.


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